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Kowan WP150

The Kowan Still Walker is a hydraulically powered and statically loaded sheet pile pressing equipment well suited for environmentally sensitive areas and is ideal for installing sheet steel piles in inner city areas in close proximity to other properties as it is very quiet and entirely free from vibration.

Kowan (Tosa) WP150
Kowan (Tosa) WP150
Kowan (Tosa) WP150

The Kowan WP150 will install and extract U section sheet piles.

In order to commence the works the reaction stand is positioned and our kentledge positioned onto the reaction stand. The kentledge gives the reaction force required to install the first three piles. The first three piles may be shorter that the actual pile length required. If shorter piles are used they will eventually be extracted and replaced with the required longer piles.

Once the first three piles are installed the Tosa “walks” onto the three piles. The clutches of the three piles are welded together (approximately 100 to 150mm of weld) to ensure the three pile act together to give the reaction to install the fourth pile.

Once the Tosa is positioned on the three piles the kentledge and the reaction stand are cleared away from the working area.

The Tosa then operates from the top of the installed sheet piles.

As piles are installed the Tosa is “walked” on and the three piles the pile press is positioned on are welded together. This general principal is adopted as the installation progresses.

Water Jetting is used to aid the installation. A small diameter lance pipe is fixed using welded clips to the pan of the pile to be installed. There is a nozzle at the end of the lance pipe, positioned above the toe of the pile. The hoses are attached from the top of the lance pipe to the jetting unit. When the pile is positioned vertically in the chuck of the Tosa the water is turned on and the installation commences with the Tosa pushing the pile into the ground with each stroke.

Appleton Piling Ltd have extensive experience installing and extracting piles with the Kowan ZU100 Vibration Free Pile Press.

The Kowan ZU100 Pile Press will install and extract Z-section, AU section and PU section sheet piles.

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