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The Movax Side Grip system is a very versatile piling system allowing sheet piles or bearing piles to be installed in areas where access for large plant and equipment may be restricted.


Appleton Piling Ltd have utilised the Movax Side Grip system to install piles on sites where access is not available for larger piling rigs or where the piles are to be installed a large distance from the piling platform. We have also used the system adjacent to live railway tracks to pitch sheet piles into the chuck of the Kowan WP150 Still Worker Pile Press.

The Movax vibratory hammer unit is attached to the end of the dipper arm of a 360° excavator.  The vibratory unit can be rotated vertically and horizontally.

The Movax vibratory hammer is used to lift each single sheet pile from the stockpile. Whilst holding the pile the hammer is turned in order to pitch the pile vertically and then drive it to level.

The Movax vibratory hammer is able to grip each pile approximately half way up the pile and drive the pile into the ground. This allows piles up to 12m long to be installed using this method. Once the pile is part driven, the hammer can be turned so the pile is driven from the top of the pile. Driving the pile from the side allows piles to be driven in areas where access is awkward.

The Movax Side Grip vibratory hammers are available in a range of sizes to suit various sizes of excavators.

Pile accuracy is monitored via electronic instrumentation in the driver’s cab.

The Movax unit is less powerful than telescopic leader rig mounted vibratory hammers, therefore consideration must be given when choosing the correct piling rig.

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