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Appleton Piling Ltd operate Telescopic Leader Rigs with preaugering attachments and purpose built CZM EM400 and EM600 Augering Rigs.


Preaugering is carried out in advance of sheet pile installation to loosen the sub soils to enable sheet piles to be driven into dense ground conditions which may not be suitable for a sheet pile solution or which may have required an uneconomically heavy sheet pile section.

The preaugering loosens the soil rather than creating an empty bore. The auger flights are rotated into the ground and then rotated in the opposite direction to remove them from the ground. This leaves the disturbed soil in the ground. A small amount of spoil is created during the preaugering. This spoil is leveled using an excavator along the pile line prior to the sheet pile installation.

The preaugering reduces the driving forces required to install the steel piles and can reduce the pile section which initially was required for drivability.

Appleton Piling Ltd use preaugering to loosen dense ground conditions prior to installation of sheet piles with the Telescopic Leader Rig or Kowan Still Worker Pile Press.

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